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We are Listening

Five Reasons FinalSnackworks cares about what our customers have to say and we are investing in the newest technologies our industry has to offer. In other words we listen to what is happening to and around us. The once simple spring loaded snack vendor is now a complex machine housing electronics, circuits and computer boards. Who could have imagined paying for purchases with a powerful tool such as Snackworks’ USConnect loyalty rewards card? Micro markets? The wave of the future!!

But it is the simple things in this ever changing environment which has and always will give Snackworks the edge.

Snackworks pledges to:

  • Answer your phone call during business hours with a live person
  • Respond to your phone, email or fax inquiry with a personal phone call
  • Listen when you speak
  • Work together as equal partners

With Snackworks, taking a quick break from work to enjoy a snack or beverage is fun, affordable, reliable and convenient. Make Snackworks your workplace refreshment specialists today! Contact us at [email protected]