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The Origin of Rooster’s Coffee

Rooster Logo CL - Sir SpeedyWhat does a distinctive family of coffees and a beautiful little girl have in common? Of course, it’s the name Rooster. Inspired by the nickname of our daughter, Richelle, whose newborn hair would never lay flat, we created the concept of Rooster’s Coffee, our private label line of coffees.

Richelle’s 100% Colombian and Ethan’s Blend

cropped Richelle, Ethan, Buster & Otis 2000

The mixing of family and business at Snackworks actually reaches back to January 1995. At the tender age of 6 weeks, with a somewhat limited resume, but possessing excellent connections with ownership, Rooster (Richelle) our first born was “hired” to work full time here at Snackworks. Working out of her nursery/office Rooster mastered Vending and Coffee Service 101, and after two years in the working world moved on to preschool to make new friends and learn wonderful lessons.

photo (1) croppedIn April 1998, our son Ethan, following in the baby work booties of his older sister began his ascension through the corporate ranks at Snackworks. Following the completion of his on-the-job training, E-man (Ethan’s adopted moniker) also moved on to bigger and better opportunities at preschool.

Rooster & E-man were not the only family members to join us at work. First Shrimpy and then Buster, Otis and Marcus now followed by Taegan and Smokey, our beloved four-legged friends, have always greeted everyone who enters our front door and are buddies with all of us at Snackworks.

As you can plainly see we believe that mixing family and business is fun and it makes us very proud. We invite you to enjoy and celebrate with us all that is important: Our families and a wonderful cup of coffee.

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