Coffee Service

Five Reasons Final

“The Daily Grind”
What makes an office coffee service provider special and a cut above the rest? People, a robust menu of coffee, teas, allied products, plumbed water coolers and the latest in coffee brewing and storage equipment available.

“Better Beans”
Our menu of coffees include: National brands (Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell House, etc.) Regional favorite (Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea) and our own private label (Rooster’s Coffee).

Newco ace-lp

The menu is designed to meet any discriminating customers need for various taste profiles and price points. What does this mean to you our customer? It means for pennies a cup you and your fellow co-workers can enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, a rich and flavorful cup of hot coffee.

Coffee is the most obvious piece of the office coffee service puzzle. Other important pieces we offer include many flavors of hot tea, condiments in multiple sizes and forms, bottled water and water filtration systems for clear and crisp tasting water. It also includes the most modern coffee and hot beverage coffee delivery systems available today. Snackworks prides itself on customizing its hot beverage refreshment service to your needs. The personal touch you deserve!!

N&W colibri new

“Finishing Touches”
A varied selection of coffees, teas and condiments is only the beginning of what defines Snackworks office coffee service.

Are you satisfied with a delivery person simply restocking your coffee stations? Or are you looking for that personal touch which separates the professional office coffee service from the standard coffee delivery person? If you want and expect more from your office coffee company we pledge you will be greeted with a smile and a warm hello and the following routine followed:

  • Pots cleaned or swapped for new ones
  • Clean coffee brewers
  • Manage inventory levels to predetermined par inventory values
  • Provide a printed and signed receipt.

Oh, and that smile delivered with your coffee, we pledge to repeat it when we depart. Our finishing touches make the Snackworks difference!

Contact us and you will see that [email protected]